sbi pay
Line of payment chip cases
Initially, this product was developed for children who, due to their age, cannot have their own bank accounts and plastic cards. Small accessories with chips are linked to the parent's cards, which opens up new possibilities and ease of use. Firstly, it can have restrictions on the number of purchases, and secondly, it can be blocked separately, so if it is lost, the card does not need to be reissued.
Later it became clear that the target audience of this product is much wider and extends to include adults. Therefore, the task arose to make a premium line of chips in a metal case, which can be attached to straps, garments or key chains.

Both lines have a parametric pattern that can be unique for each family member, which helps not to mix up the chips.
Fyodor Smekhov
Stepan Pyanykh
Faina Iasen
Emilli Monica Ramilison
Dmitry Lyubimov
Skolkovo Hackathon - 2019, contestant
Lexus Design Awards -2019, short list
SBI Bank