Qrib is a multifunctional baby cot designed in collaboration with Happy Baby for production and distribution in Russia. The goal of the project was to create a crib that would be suitable for newborns and would be convenient to use by older children.
The bed-transformer is designed for children aged from 0 to 7 years old and has been developed to rid parents of the headaches associated with buying a new bed up to the school-age of the child.
Qrib is available in two main configurations, the assembly of which require no additional elements:

  1. The cradle, length of which is about 90 cm is designed for the youngest children.
  2. The bed of a standard size: 140 cm.
The main features of the Qrib bed:

  • There are two sizes: 90 cm and 140 cm
  • Raising the bottom up to 40 cm above the floor level
  • An extra bed (you can remove the crib grate and attach it to the parent's bed with straps)
  • Several positions of the bottom slope correspond to orthopaedic requirements for baby's cots, providing a safe and comfortable rest
  • Removable pendulum system
  • Removable wheels enable to easily move the bed around the room
  • Some of the racks are removable to allow freedom of movement to a growing child
Product available!

This project was finished and released to the market.

If you'd like to purchase it for yourself, you can do it here:

Margarita Nefedova
Product on the market
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