Customizable backpack
Each Phoresy backpack is unique. It is created and customized by the user within a simple online interface based on generative design principles.
The software does not only allow you to choose the appearance of the backpack but also to adjust its shape, volume, body position, type of straps and the zipper's location. Each user is enabled to adjust backpack settings to meet their particular needs. Thus, not only Phoresy Pack is an ergonomic backpack, but it is also a whole system with convenient service and flexible production.
At the heart of the Phoresy Pack design lies a triangular origami pattern that allows you to create patterns for various backpacks. Pattern folds can expand, allowing for more room for a large number of things and shrink back if the backpack is empty.
Phoresy pack is a live project that has undergone several phases of its development. The first samples of the backpack were milled from thick leather. Now we are testing a technology that allows us to creat a combination of fabric or leather and a polyurethane prepolymer. We hope that this new material will lower the production cost, as well as simplify it, allowing us to bring this product to the market.
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Stepan Drunks
Functional Prototype
Preparing for manufacture
Featured on
Collection Premiere Moscow 2017