kudu desk
Adjustable storage desk
Kudu is a flexible furniture system that allows for "on the fly" workspace reorganization, customization and even the creation of your own accessories.
Storage modules rotate around the axis and can be fixed in 2 positions:

  • Over the tabletop — this position provides access to the storage
  • At the tabletop's level — extends the working surface and keeps it tidy
The rotating storage system consists of separate sections. Users can easily compile boxes, penholders, cable organizers, and other modules to set up required desk organization.
Rail-organizer can keep a number of movable attachments for the desk. This functional element provides a new level of flexibility: agile storage, lightning adjustments, and highly customizable attachments provide a system of various accessories for desk organization.
Fyodor Smekhov
Functional Prototype
Preparing for manufacture
Isaloni Worldwide Moscow - 2016
WoodWorks - 2016