DD1 Accessories
Robot plane accessories
"Dedicated Drones" is a start-up team developing a personal platform for entertainment and gaming in the air based on the radio controlled fixed-wing plane. We already had some sharing experience of designing a plane concept named DD1 when started with other accessories included into the set of gaming platform. The main task was to simplify user interaction and translate clearly brand identity.
The ground station is designed to maintain the connection between the plane and other devices from the set. Our task was to think through an arrangement of station inner parts, to give access to the battery bay and to come up with a design for the case, allowing safe and user-friendly interaction, as well as ease of maintenance.
This is an AR computer — a portable device that is responsible for running the game and layering it on top of the picture from a camera on the plane. Our primary challenge was to make a compact and portable case with basic cooling lasting during the flight session when the device is being worn by the user.
These modules are responsible for video capture and following transmission of the information about the position of the plane to the ground station and AR computer. The main feature of these modules is flexibility, as they can be installed on any other carrier. OKO and NAV are included in the HOOVER gaming set.
Margarita Nefedova
Stepan Drunks
Nickolay Udin
Margarita Nefedova
Stepan Drunks
Dedicated Drones